Middle-aged Cédric loses his job because of some innapropriate drunken behaviour gone viral. In an attempt to absolve himself and to prove that he’s really a nice guy after all, he decides to write a book about his experiences as a white cis-het male and remorseful sinner. Meanwhile, his wife is tiring of her life as a stay-at-home mother to their baby. They decide to hire a nanny to make things easier for themselves.

Babysitter is a satirical comment on well-meaning majority men who try to adapt to “woke” culture. This absurd comedy includes elements that you might associate with Wes Anderson – deadpan comedy, colourful design and eccentric flair, but Babysitter takes a much sharper stand on political and social issues. If you like colourful and controversial films with a unique sense of humour, this might well be the one for you. Babysitter recently premiered at the prestigious Sundance film festival, and has not previously been screened in Norway.

Julie Haugan

Original Title:Babysitter
Year of production:2022
Country of origin:Canada
Langauges:French speech, English subtitles
Running time:1h 27m
Director:Monia Chokri
Screenplay:Monia Chokri, Catherina Léger
Starring:Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Patrick Hivon, Monia Chokri
Cinematography:José Deshaies
Producer:Pierre-Marcel Blanchot, Catherine Léger m.fl.
Distribution:BAC Films
Age limit:15 years

Helene Aalborg

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