LADIES ONLY (2021) – Official Festival Opening

Ladies Only is a captivating documentary which takes you on board a packed local train in Mumbai, India. The carriage we’re on is for ladies only. Director Rebana Liz John gets talking with several passengers in the women’s carriage, and invites them to talk about their own lives. What makes them angry? What do they want to accomplish in life?

An intimate, engaging and clear-cut documentary in beautiful black and white, which really gets under the skin of its many subjects. The women being interviewed are from all ages and walks of life, ensuring a wholeness in the film’s exploration of what it means to be a woman today in the world’s second most populated country. Ladies Only won an award at this year’s Berlinale, and has not previously been screened in Norway.

This will be the official opening film of the first edition of Femfilm Oslo. State Secretary Gry Haugsbakken will officiate the opening before the screening. Filmmaker Rebana John will be present for a Q&A immediately after the screening.

Original Title:Ladies Only
Year of production:2021
Country of origin:India
Langauges:Hindi speech, English subtitles
Running time:1h 12m + welcome speech and Q&A
Director:Rebana Liz John
Screenplay:Rebana Liz John
Cinematography:Milann Tress John
Producer:Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, Kunsthochschule Für Medien Köln
Distribution:Special import
Age limit:A

Helene Aalborg

Film & feminisme siden 2010