Queen of Glory is a poetic indie about Ghanaian-American scientist Sarah, who has to cope with the death of her mother. The duties that follow turn Sarah’s everyday life upside down, as she starts an exploration of her Ghanaian identity.

Director Nana Mensah has created an honest, chaotic and beautiful drama about a woman trying to find her own path. Forced to take over both house and business after a mother she did not have much contact with, Sarah is confronted with her own rootlessness.

Through a delicately chosen, authentic audiovisual language, Queen of Glory portrays the anxieties connected to immigrant identity in a tangible and fascinating way. The story takes place in the Bronx community, a familiar place to the filmmaker. Full-on Ghanaian soundscape and music, not to mention archive material of people practicing funeral rites in Ghana, substantiate the need for belonging that echoes throughout the film. As much as this is a story that ties an immigrant woman to her heritage, the film also exemplifies the inherent complexity of embracing such connections. This powerful film is Nana Mensah’s debut feature.

Original Title:Queen of Glory
Year of production:2021
Country of origin:USA
Running time:1h 18m
Director:Nana Mensah
Screenplay:Nana Mensah
Starring:Ward Horton, Meeko, Madeline Weinstein, Nana Mensah, Purva Bedi, Elia Monte-Brown
Cinematography:Cybel Martin
Producer:Baff Akoto
Distribution:Magnolia Pictures
Age limit:12 years

Helene Aalborg

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