In the highly pressured area of Donbas in Eastern Ukraine, single mother Anna and her four children are trying to live a normal life in 2020. The local community almost exclusively consists of women and children, as well as some male soldiers with their tanks on the streets.

While the outside world is increasingly characterised by bombs and chaos, this family home is preserved as a haven of life and light. Everyone in the family share a deep love of cinema, and they want to make a movie about their own lives during the war. Through documentarist Iryna Tsilyk and her team, we are brought into the inner circle of the family and witness their creative process as they make their own movie. In this way, the documentary explores what role the magical world of films can play for people who are living through disastrous and traumatic events. How can a fiction be used to desccribe war? To Anna and her children, the processing of trauma into art is an essential part of preserving their own humanity.

The Earth is Blue as an Orange won and was nominated to several international festival awards when it was released in 2020, including at Sundance, the Berlinale, and Reykjavík International Film Festival. It has not previously been screened in Norway.

Original Title:The Earth Is Blue as an Orange
Year of production:2020
Country of origin:Ukraine, Lithuania
Langauges:Russian speech, English subtitles
Running time:1h 14m
Director:Iryna Tsilyk
Screenplay:Iryna Tsilyk
Starring:Ganna Gladka, Stanislav Gladky, Anastasiia Trofymchuk
Cinematography:Yuri Gruzinov, Vyacheslav Tsvetkov
Producer:Anna Kapustina, Giedrė Žickytė
Age limit:12 years

Helene Aalborg

Film & feminisme siden 2010