THE SILENCE IN SÁPMI (2022) – plus short film & panel talk

The Silence in Sápmi is a documentary about exepriences of sexual abuse and mental health issues amongst young Sámi people. The film deals with taboos that have haunted indigenous women for countless generations.

Sexual abuse is on no way an exclusive indigenous problem – on the contrary, the last few years have taught us that it is a universal problem in all parts of society. The big difference is the structures surrounding the victims of abuse. A 2018 report shows that more Sámi than ethnic Norwegian/Swedish women are victims of abuse, in addition to the suicide rate being notably higher in Sápmi than other areas in the region. Something is wrong. Many young Sámi people are suffering.

For many of those that are involved, silence has been a survival strategy. The two young women Marion and Ida who tell their personal stories in the film, have experienced that silence doesn’t help anyone. In this powerful documentary they share their experiences of coming forward with stories of abuse in Sápmi, and which consequneces it has had for them personally and their families.

Short Film

Before the main feature we will be screening the short film Njuokčamat / The Tongues (2019, 15m) by director Marja Bål Nango. This heavily symbolic film tells of one young Sámi woman’s experience of being raped on the tundra while attending to her reindeer, and the consequences it has for her.

Panel Talk

After the films, there will be a panel talk about abuse and silence in Sápmi. The panel talk will be in Norwegian, but the film has English subtitles.

Original Title:Tystnaden i Sápmi
Year of production:2022
Country of origin:Sweden/Norway
Langauges:Norwegian and Swedish, English subtitles
Running time:1h 12m + short film & panel talk
Director:Liselotte Wajstedt
Screenplay:Liselotte Wajstedt
Starring:Ida Labba Persson, Marion Anne Rimpi
Cinematography:Andreas Ausland, Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen, Harry Johansen, Liselotte Wajstedt
Producer:Linn Henriksen, Liselotte Wajstedt
Distribution:Paranord Film
Age limit:15 years

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